v0.24 - 07/8/2022

- Fixed manually placed torches floating in the air after you dig their slab. The downside is that in the editor they're no longer labelled as "Manually placed" but I don't think there's much to do about that without a dedicated solution. Manually placed torches also disappear easily when updating nearby slabs - so keep in mind that you'll want to place them last.

- Fixed possible crash when reading cubes.cfg

- Added sliders to settings menu

- Adjusting ui scale is safer

- Settings window now has a minimum size

- Added font size setting for both general editor and script editor

- When 'Use slab ownership' is checked hide the little blue rectangle selection of current owner colour

- Properties: in Create tab, display Thing limit, Action point limit or Creature limit depending on what you're placing

- Added help guide to custom object window

- In column editor help, mention not to edit column index 0

- Fixed Duplicate column button's tooltip

v0.24b - 08/8/2022

- Bugfix to how the Thing limit is counted and count Lights separately

v0.24c - 09/8/2022

- Fixed all cubes being purple for DOS version of Dungeon Keeper


Unearth v0.24.zip 30 MB
Aug 07, 2022
UnearthLinux v0.24.zip 31 MB
Aug 07, 2022

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