v0.23c - 14/7/2022

- In column editor and slabset editor you can now set cube values beyond 510

v0.23b - 12/7/2022

- Load cubes from /fxdata/cubes.cfg, if you don't have KeeperFX the standard cube set will be loaded instead

 - Any changes made to cubes.cfg are now reflected in the editor in real-time

v0.23 - 11/7/2022

- Properties window: Thing & Placing renamed to Inspect & Create

- Properties window: Keyboard keys 0-9 can be used as a shortcut to set creature level

- Properties window: Level field will no longer always set itself to 10 when writing a number in it

- Rewrote Frail Columns stuff

- 1st person 3D view: pressing spacebar toggles mouse capture instead of switching to overhead view. This should make texture editing easier.

- Texture Editing window: show Export button as disabled instead of hiding it. Slightly changed text explanation.

- Map Settings: dungeon style list now includes filename of tmapa file

- Map Settings: dungeon style list refreshes if it's already open while you're altering files

- Placement options: hid Damaged Wall stuff, it's even less functional since I rewrote some code a few versions back


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Jul 11, 2022
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Jul 11, 2022

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