v0.21b - 2/6/2022

- Column editor: fixed duplicate button

v0.21 - 2/6/2022

- Fixed 'Save & Play' button so that it can say 'Play' again (maps were being incorrectly marked as having been edited)

- Properties window: fixed fields not being editable in Thing tab

- Properties window: use spinboxes for setting some values in Thing tab

- Properties window: update values instantly while typing them

- Column editor: hide spinbox arrows for Utilized field

- When placing a slab directly on a Thing, don't select it

- Custom slabs: right clicking on the map while the custom slab menu is open will copy column index numbers into the window


Unearth v0.21.zip 28 MB
Jun 02, 2022
UnearthLinux v0.21.zip 29 MB
Jun 02, 2022

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