v0.20 - 28/5/2022

- Placing door slabs now correctly updates door Thing ownership

- 'Treasury Gold 5 (2000)' correctly renamed to 'Treasury Gold 5 (2400)'

- Texture map 12 named as 'Lava Cavern' (it's a tileset file included with latest KeeperFX)

- Stray Door & Key Thing objects will be removed if they're not on door slabs

- Gold ownership is updated to be the same as treasury ownership if on a treasury slab

- If you delete a thing by pressing Delete key, allow placing on that same tile without needing to move the cursor off of it

- Reduced lag for dragging some windows around

- New map: now has preview

- Script editor: remove all zero-width-spaces

- Script editor: the first state of the text editor's undo history will now be the text of the loaded script (bugfix)

- Map Browser: fixed highlighting currently opened map text and scrolling to it when reopening map browser

- Map Browser: the currently opened map will no longer show quick map preview (thought this was already implemented but I guess I forgot)

- Map browser: clicking Open button will now close the map browser. Double clicking on a map's text name will still keep the map browser open.

- Open recent: trim game directory from path to make it look nicer

- Open recent: add maps to the recent list upon being saved, in addition to when they're opened

- Added cube names for Column Editor and Properties column tab, they are read from DK's /fxdata/cubes.cfg if this file exists

- Properties: fixed a bug where the selected Thing would sometimes not show its status

- Properties: added a 'Placing tips' button in placing tab, its purpose is to drill into you any unintuitive controls and then get out of the way (disappears permanently)

- Column editor: for a more user friendly UI Cube 0 is now renamed to Cube 1, and so on

- Column editor: added tooltips for cube names and floor textures when hovering cursor over values

- Column editor: added 'Show all' checkbox, these values you don't need to change yourself are now hidden by default


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May 28, 2022
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May 28, 2022

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