v0.19 - 21/5/2022

- Open recent: menu now clickable without opening another map

- Added buttons for exporting slabset cfg and column cfg (useless for now but might come in handy one day)

- Open recent: map name now displayed next to path

- Open recent: don't put blank_map in recently opened list

- Add custom object: now supports images

- blank_map.txt included in /unearthdata/ (fixes a potential issue)

- Script editor: lose focus when clicking outside and don't allow keyboard camera panning if Script editor has focus

- Possible bugfix: Ensure any files being removed are definitely files and never directories

- When placing 'Floor' slabs, things that were previously on the slab will be no longer be deleted. Placing a Solid/Tall slab will still delete things.

- Things will update their Z position based on their slab height when editing surrounding slabs. This fixes a bug where if a Thing was placed on top of a Library bookcase and then the Library was slightly shrunk so that the bookcase disappears, the Thing's Z position wasn't updating in that circumstance.

- Use room colours instead of floor colours for ownership shader

- Prevent placing something on map when clicking to close a menu

- Browse maps: prevent keyboard camera panning if browser is open

- Browse maps: display quick map preview when selecting a map with single-click (or use keyboard)

- Properties window: action points won't display Z field anymore

- Properties window: 'Attached to' now includes slab name and field value 'None' has been renamed to 'Manually placed'

- When manually placing Things their 'Attached to' value is now always set to 'Manually placed'

- Added Slabset column editor

- Column editor tab name reflects .clm file name

- Mouse panning: reduced pan zone, made pan zone the same for all sides, continue panning when not moving cursor (it felt clunky)

- Mouse panning: stop panning when cursor is outside window. This makes panning in windowed mode difficult - might revert this.

- Added shortcut button to each column field to instantly open column editor to that column index

- Added Duplicate button to column editor

- Added 'Use for custom slab' button to slabs.dat editor

- Added Utilized field to column editor, made it non-editable

- Update all Utilized values whenever opening the column editor

- WASD now uses Physical Key positions on keyboard for the sake of alternate keyboard layouts

- Refresh script lines markers whenever manually adding or deleting an action point

- Big adjustments to how Unearth internally handles columns. Instead of fully packing a map's .clm file upon opening it, entries are now added to the .clm file only when they're needed. (so whenever you place a slab)

- Rewrote the way columns are built and indexed, might be a little slower but it's much more flexible like this

- If script file has been externally modified then reload it when the Unearth window becomes focused (possibly fixes a bug)

- Don't resave script file (.txt) if it hasn't been edited in unearth

- Placement options: added 'Frail impenetrable' and 'Frail solo slabs' settings. These were both adjustments made by Unearth so if you disable them then you'll be placing unchanged/default slabs from the slabset.

- Added 'Clear unused' button which deletes all columns which aren't utilized on the map

- Added 'Sort columns' button which sorts columns by their utilized value. Changes their index on the map too.

- New map: blank_map.clm has been edited to only provide the columns needed. The columns have been sorted too.

- Right-clicking on icons in Thing picker window now only removes them if they're custom objects

- Properties window: 'Clm entries' updates more often

- Added 'Export slabs.clm' button to Slabset column editor


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May 20, 2022

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