v0.18 - 06/5/2022

- Slightly zoomed out the slab/column viewer by default

- Renamed some menus

- When opening maps that have no .WLB file (such as level 10 of original campaign), generate a correct WLB file on save

- Treasury Gold is now locked to center of slabs in order to always be functional

- Added gold count to Treasury Gold's name

- Adjusted text in Thing selection window to be 2 lines at most

- Load image as map: Help text moved to window

- "/" will now always be used instead of "\" in filepaths. Just cosmetic.

- New map: added an option to generate a border based on noise

- slabs.dat/slabs.clm/slabs.tng are now loaded directly from DK directory. Copies will no longer be kept in /unearthdata/.

- Slabset: slab ID 42 and above actually have 8 variations, not 4. (the second 4 are just purple)

- Slabset: can now edit slabs

- Slabset: can now export slabs.dat


Unearth v0.18.zip 28 MB
May 06, 2022
UnearthLinux v0.18.zip 29 MB
May 06, 2022

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