v0.17 - 30/1/2022

- Fixed an issue where a wall near water and room would create an incorrect column (in sync with the KeeperFX fix)

- Fixed editor window sometimes becoming unclosable after pressing Play button

- Script generator: Removed White AI checkbox (useless)

- Script generator: Research order spinbox steps increased to 100

- Script generator: 'Send to clipboard' button added

- Script generator: Research order now draggable by holding left click (instead of clicking)

- Added 'Open recent' menu

- Script helpers: Ignore lines that begin with 'REM'

- Script helpers: Added functions that use 'location' as an argument

- Script helpers: Merge helpers if they overlap the same position

- Adjusted LineEdit theme for more space

- Properties: Position now editable

- Read and write .UNE files to keep track of custom slabs

- Right-click eye-dropper now works with custom slabs

- Custom slab name is displayed in Properties window

- Fixed editor window being potentially remembered off screen

- Fixed Slab/Thing window position going off screen when changing UI scale

- Added Framerate limit setting

- Slab ownership tab: Fixed an issue where slabs weren't being updated when changing ownership

- Slab ownership tab: Change ownership of spellbooks too

- Add custom object: Code improved to better recognize which IDs you've removed

- Add custom object: Custom objects now stored inside of custom_objects.cfg instead of settings.cfg (you'll have to re-add anything you've added before, sorry)

- Add custom slab: Cleaned up custom slabs config format (again, you'll have to recreate)

- Add custom slab: Renamed unearthcustomslabs.cfg to custom_slabs.cfg

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