v0.16 - 8/1/2022

- 'Add new' button added to Custom Slabs tab

- Fixed the write permissions error not popping up

- When pressing Play button, preventing pressing again for a few seconds and display "Launching..." quick message

- When hovering mouse over tabs, use a custom tooltip instead of changing tab title

- Fixed arrow keys not working in text fields

- In the column editor, speed up the camera shift movement when changing the index value by a lot

- Added Research Order to Script Generator

- Texture 11 "Swamp Serpent" named

- Added scripting links to Help menu

- Updated 'About' section with hyperlinks, included Github

- 'Unrecognized Slab ID' renamed to 'Unknown' (too long for UI)

- Use buffers when reading files from /unearthdata/

- Added 'Modify dynamic slabs' to Edit menu. However it's only a viewer at the moment.

- Added script icons throughout the map for script commands which have coordinates as arguments

- Fixed a crash when opening maps that have custom objects

- When texture maps can't be loaded, error message now also instructs to reopen the map

- Slab and column editor's tabs renamed to: "Add custom slab" and "Edit columns"


Unearth v0.16.zip 28 MB
Jan 08, 2022
UnearthLinux v0.16.zip 29 MB
Jan 08, 2022

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