v0.14c - 12/12/2021

- Fix to LineEdit (text fields) registering clicks while moving the mouse quickly

- Added Reload map to File menu

- Fixed Script Generator ADD_CREATURE_TO_POOL() not working

- Improved tooltips appearance

v0.14 - 10/12/2021

- Replaced some tab icons

- Rearranged tab icons

- Show tab name on hover

- Food, Power and Door combined into Misc

- .TXT files now save and load

- Fixed bitmasks not taking into consideration ownership, two rooms side by side with different owners were looking like one room

- Unified some slab placement code, this may introduce bugs

- Mysterious Box "Custom box" field can be set

- In Save As window, display error "Use only digits in map name" when typing letters

- Don't render Thing instances outside view (performance)

- Floating Spirit icon now used instead of Ghost

- Creature/trap/door index added

- Added icons for Hand of Evil and Slap

- Fixed Unearth editor freezing when launching DK

- LIF: fixed Map Name prefixing with spaces

- Externally modified .TXT files will auto-reload in the editor

- Map properties renamed to Map settings

- Added script generator and script editor as tabs in Map settings

- Display creature icon on mouse hover in Thing window

- If you have no script, give warning after saving

- Fixed a crash (probably)

- Rewrote/reorganized the texture caching code again

- Added 'Texture editing' feature to Edit menu, as long as you have the required filelist_tmapa000.txt and pack000 folder it'll auto-update them within the editor


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Dec 10, 2021
UnearthLinux v0.14.zip 29 MB
Dec 10, 2021

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