v0.13 - 02/12/2021

- Saving now writes to a buffer instead of directly to the hard drive

- Loading now reads from a buffer instead of directly from the hard drive

- Tab system: Mouse wheel while cursor is on tabs will scroll through them

- Tab system: Clicking the tab buttons on the side now goes to the next/previous tab

- Tab system: Added icons

- Higher resolution PNGs for Action Points and white diamonds (Thing Instances without images)

- Bugfix to 'Play' button being greyed out when it shouldn't be

- Ask to save changes before exiting and added 'Exit' to File menu

- Show error if there are no write permissions (write permissions are needed for settings.cfg and for saving maps in Dungeon Keeper directory)

- Changed message when starting a new map ("Opened map" -> "New map")

- Message system can now show popup windows (only used for write permission errors at the moment)

- When scanning for DK's tmapa###.dat files, be sure the extension is .DAT

- Fixed MSAA setting not working this whole time (go adjust it now!)

- Full linux compatibility

- Map browser: Rewritten some code for linux compatibility

- Map browser: Now opens 70% faster on Windows (not sure about Linux)

- Settings: Show full Play button command line

- Fixed crash when attempting to load blank texture array

- Prevent UI from popping up if executable isn't set

- Map names for campaigns 'keeporig', 'origplus' and 'deepdngn' will now correctly appear in the Map properties window (these campaigns in particular read their names from ddisk1.lif and dklevels.lof)

- The 2D camera is now a little less restricted

- Prevent crashes for texture maps without names and some clearer errors

- Fixed remembering custom objects (was only remembering one)


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Dec 01, 2021
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Dec 01, 2021

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