v0.12 - 23/11/2021

- Bridges placed over liquid will work correctly now

- Added "Place bridges only on liquid" checkbox to Slab settings

- Settings window: Slab & Thing window scale setting now have a minimum and maximum (setting to 0 would cause crash)

- Slab window: Icons added

- Slab window: Slab50 and Purple Path moved to 'Other' tab

- Slab window: Scale size default decreased from 0.8 -> 0.76

- Slab window: Offset slab style names and ownership names

- Slab window: Slab style numbers now only shown if Style tab is selected

- Thing window: When you click on something in Thing Window, deselect on the map

- Properties window: Less switching to Placing tab

- Properties window: Slight edit to Rectangle tool icon

- Map properties: Names given to texture maps

- Deleting things: Once again allow holding delete to constantly delete everything under cursor (I had changed it to single press)

- Deleting things: Added a 'Delete' UI button in the properties window next to "Selected"

- Deleting things: Added Ctrl+Delete keybind for deleting one specific thing

- Load image as map: Fixed a bug where a colours with 0 alpha could be treated differently depending on their RGB components

- Load image as map: Fixed up button/colour assignment. The way it should work is multiple colours can be assigned to one button, but multiple buttons cannot be assigned to one colour.

- Load image as map: 'Apply all' button added, you can now re-use previous assignment settings for different images or new maps

- Load image as map: Made the highlighted colour flash a little more obvious

- Load image as map: Fixed a crash and added "Click on a pixel within the image first." message

- Quick message: Fixed message disappearing too early

- Quick message: Allow multiple messages to display at once

- Texture maps: Rewritten caching code to be clearer and less error prone

- Texture maps: Date Modified of tmapa00#.dat files is now stored inside Settings.cfg (so it can detect any changes even when editor is closed)

- Texture maps: Switched to using single PNG files for texture maps (internally using two TextureArrays, it's still the best solution)

- Upon pressing ESC detect a window which has a close ("X") button and close it instead of asking to quit

- Gate number displayed

- Changed saving/loading code again, v0.11 may have had issues

- Version number added to window title and About menu

- Fixed two bugs with .LIF number not being correct

- Unified placement code of rectangle, pencil and "Load image as map" (groundwork done for shape placements like circular brushes)

- Fixed an issue with Torch Earth slabs not being placed


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Nov 23, 2021

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