v0.11 - 16/11/2021

- Fixed crash when placing slabs near edges or outside of the map

- Mode Switch window removed, button now top center

- Redone "quick message" appearance

- Added "Load image as map"

- Some dialogs will now hide other UI while they're open

- Map browser shows end of filepath when resizing

- Prevent windows from being moved over top menu

- Properties window now remains a consistent size (and slightly smaller than before)

- Windows can no longer be dragged off screen

- Removed window shadows (I can add an option if requested)

- Clicking windows will bring them to the front over other windows

- Added "Open script file" to Edit menu

- Combined "Dungeon Style" and "Map name" into "Map properties", also rearranged Edit menu

- Default to opening Thing tab in Properties instead of Column tab

- Slab style is now a tab in the Slab window

- Data from "unearthdata\blank_map.xxx" is now used when loading a map which has missing files (SLB files can now be loaded on their own without crashing)

- Added "Placing" tab to Properties window

- Ownership window merged into Properties window

- Rectangle tool and pencil tool added

- Added "Editable borders" option to Slab settings

- Ownership alpha will now continue to fade while cursor is on UI

- Added ownership-only placement as a tab in Slab window

- Added "Font size" to Settings (don't expect it to be very useful)

- Custom objects window: prefill the next empty subtype ID

- Custom objects window: show warning if you type an ID that is already in use (by the editor)

- Added Creature level font size "scale" and "max zoom" Settings

- Added "Purple Path" slab (slab ID 54)

- Unknown Slab IDs will now display their name as "Unrecognized Slab ID" in Properties instead of "Wall Automatic"

- Prevent mouse edge panning while middle click is being held

- 3D view now has two states, 1st person mode and non-1st person mode (this doesn't really change much for now)


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Nov 16, 2021

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