v0.10 - 04/11/2021

- .WIB files now save and load

- .WLB files now save and load

- .SLX files now save and load

- .LIF files now save and load

- Renamed "Wall" tab in Slabs window to "Other" (use the Auto Wall in Main)

- Fixed Alt+Enter to fullscreen (accidentally removed)

- Fixed F5 to test (spammed open DK if you held it)

- "Auto-generate clm/dat" renamed to "Update all slabs" and its confirmation message changed

- Fixed Dungeon Style window creating duplicate entries

- Wibble implemented, updates as you place slabs or if you press Edit -> Update all slabs

- Added "Slab Style window" (access in Edit menu)

- Slab style is visible in 2D and 3D view

- Damaged Wall % now defaults to 0, added warning label

- Fixed when switching from 3D to 2D mode the map sometimes went dark due to incorrect colour space

- Renamed "Map" menu to "File" menu

- Added "Open map folder" to Edit menu (greyed out when no map opened)

- Added "Help" menu, contains "Controls" and "About"

- Set "Map name" (.LIF) in edit menu

- Store and remember "last saved path" for Save As window

- Names of overlapping objects displayed in popup

- Allow cycling through overlapping objects under cursor by pressing Shift key

- Hold Ctrl and press Left click to place overlapping Thing objects

- Door objects will no longer reset their settings when a Slab is placed nearby

- Spinning Key is created/removed when changing a Door's locked state

- Prevent the Play button from being clicked if the map is not in the correct directory (there are still edge cases however)

- Added "Ownable natural terrain" checkbox to Slab settings, placing natural terrain will always be Ownership "None"

- The settings in "Slab settings" are now saved and remembered upon restarting editor

- Action point number graphic now updated when changing number value

- Thing window items should now initally resize properly

- Show subtype ID next to Type in Properties window

- Show slab ID next to slab name in Properties window

- Show IDs in Properties window as you hover mouse in Thing window

- Custom objects added (Edit menu)


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Nov 04, 2021

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