v0.09 - 23/10/2021

- Laggy arrow keys camera bug fixed

- Diagonal pans normalized

- Mouse edge panning enabled by default

- Directional pan speed default 2000 -> 1500

- Only mouse-edge-pan if mouse stops moving, is not hovering over UI and the window is focused

- Prevent placing a slab when clicking outside of settings window

- Prevent camera movement while Settings window is open

- Hide tile Selection cursor if mouse is hovering over any UI

- Selection cursor position now updates while panning the camera

- You can now alternatively zoom in or out using Ctrl + Arrow keys instead of mouse wheel

- Save As: prevent OK button from being clicked unless your map filename is in the correct format ("map#####")

- Display filenames as lowercase in Map Browser window (just for appearance sake)

- Tooltip font colour now a readable white

- Fixed map names showing "translation IDs" in the Map Browser

- Library wall cube texture fixed alongside the keeperfx fix

- "Details" window renamed to "Properties" window

- Properties window can no longer be dragged off screen

- Added mode-switching button to switch between Slab and Thing windows. Right clicking on something or pressing TAB will also switch modes.

- Properties window also switches its selected tab depending on mode

- Added "Hide unknown data" setting for Thing properties

- Mouse cursor now changes to hand cursor whenever hovering a Thing instance

- Added cheats to Play command line by default

- Slab window now has tabs

- Added in all the "Room wall" slabs that I had left out before because they were cluttering

- Fixed appearance of Damaged Wall

- Name of hovered slab added to Properties window

- Added "Wall Automatic" slab.

- When right clicking on any wall on the map, Wall Automatic will now always be selected. In order to place specific Walls you must choose them within the Slab window (Wall tab).

- When placing Wall Automatic slabs or anything non-solid (floor/water), nearby Wall SlabIDs will also be changed. These include: Torch Wall, Banner Wall, Twins Wall, Woman Wall, Pair Wall and Damaged Wall. They're automatically placed so they're also automatically updated. If you want manual placement for them then you'll need to specifically place them again.

- When placing Earth slabs, place Torch Earth slabs automatically. Also if you dig through Earth by placing a non-solid.

- When right clicking on a Torch Earth slab, select Earth slab. (just like Torch Wall slab)

- Added "Slab" checkbox to Owner window. When placing Thing objects it'll always set the ownership of the Thing to the slab you're placing it on.

- Added slider in Ownership window to change ownership colour alpha

- Fixed camera bug when loading up Unearth in fullscreen

- See Action Point and Light data in Properties window (Thing tab)

- Added Action Points and Lights, placeable from Thing tab

- Display Effect range and Action Point range when hovering over object, or object selected

- .LGT files now save and load

- Allow range and intensity to be set for lights

- You can now left click on things to "select them" (allowing for editing in Properties window) and click again to deselect. The last thing you've placed will be auto-selected.

- Selection status is shown in Properties window

- Clearer values for Door locked and Door orientation (True/False, N/S and E/W)

- The following fields are now editable in Properties window: Level, Owner, Effect Range, Light range, Point range, Point number, Herogate number, Light intensity, Door locked

- Added "Slab settings" to menu. It allows you to set options for "Wall Automatic". Options include: Damage Wall % and setting Twins/Woman/Pair to Grouped or Random.


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Oct 22, 2021

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