v0.08 - 6/10/2021

- Added Thing window

- When right-clicking a Thing on the map, the Thing Window will switch tabs and select it

- Implemented basic Thing placement. You cannot place overlapping Things (for now)

- Delete Thing objects by placing Slabs on them. Also delete Thing objects by pressing the "Delete" key and whatever is under the cursor will be erased

- Fixed some object images to use the correct ones and changed some object names

- Creature level number display fixed

- Default to red ownership

- F5 is now a shortcut for "Play" (or "Save & Play")

- Hero gate numbers calculated

- When manually placing a Torch object, its position will hug the wall. (to be consistent with normal Torch positions)

- Added warning window popup for certain placements

- Doors are now implemented, when you place a Door Slab it will determine the correct orientation for the slab and its accompanying Thing object


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Oct 06, 2021

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