v0.05 - 10/6/2021

- Added slab placement with ownership and randomized columns

- Improved speed of opening maps

- Small speed up for opening 3D view (still slow though)

- Now using a more standard horizontal main menu

- Better looking window theme and new font

- The editor window's position, size, maximized state and fullscreen state is remembered upon subsequent launches

- Added "New" menu option to finally create a new empty map filled with earth

- "Play" button now becomes "Save & Play" if you've edited the map

- Fixed 3D Camera not always initially facing the right direction

- Fixed purple pixels in textures issue (was incorrectly using main.pal instead of palette.dat)

- Added "Save", "Save as" and "Open" menu options. The old "Open" has been renamed to "Browse"

- Fixed texture caching looping forever when opening a map via file association in Windows

- Added errors (and prevent open map) for "Executable path not set" and "Textures haven't been loaded". This fixes issues with launching via file association without running the editor once beforehand

- Fixed Column Details window not always displaying the correct information

- Improved settings menu


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Jun 10, 2021

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