v0.04 - 16/5/2021

- Switched RNC decompressor from ancient.exe to dernc.exe. There unfortunately seems to be two different strands of RNC decompression going on, keeperfx has its own unique brand of RNC compression applied to some files and so ancient.exe isn't working in all circumstances, it was only working on the original game files.

- Renamed Unearth's /data/ subdirectory to /unearthdata/ (mentioning this so you can delete Unearth's /data/ directory if you want to)

- Now scanning for all tmapa000.dat files in DK's /data/ directory, decompressing them, reading them, saving them as .res files in /unearthdata/ for the purpose of quickly loading next time you open the editor

- Added "Reload texture maps" button to settings menu if you want to read the tmapa000.dat files again from DK's /data/ directory (updates the cached files)

- Slight speed boost to reading some map files

- Added icon (it's a little different from the original texture btw)

- Added 3D .clm viewer

- Added Mouse sensitivity setting

- Added Field of view setting

- Added 3D info setting

- Added Show column details setting


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May 16, 2021

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