welcome to the era of 2D pixel art top down dodgey-attacky action RPGs

Random tips:

Return to the summon circle to summon enemies you've taken the soul of, as allies.
Wood + Firestone will make a torch.
Hold attack button to charge attack.
Roll (then) Attack will perform a lightly charged attack too.
Roll will cancel attack recovery.
Items with green icons in inventory can be used.
Loot is placed behind locked doors... but doors unfortunately aren't always placed very well.

I added a (hidden) stamina bar yesterday, but I don't know how well it works - not sure if I really want the player's movement to slow down mid combat. It's to prevent holding charge attack at all times and to help stop rolling being the main method of transportation.

I'll probably scrap the inventory and shop menu and implement them differently, I realized I'm not a fan of navigating menus. Things like shadows and object placement code needs major improving. Don't be surprised if you find yourself at bookshelf barricades.

and here's my ludum game if you guys missed it. inspired by... baldies. and dungeon keeper and lemmings i suppose.


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Jan 08, 2016

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