A downloadable game for Windows

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 32. The theme was "An Unconventional Weapon". Surely there is nothing more unconventional than chewing through dirt using explosive fruit!

Left/Right - Move.
Up - Jump.
Left Click - Fruitinate.
Right Click - Accurate Fruitinate.
R - Reset Level.
ESC - Exit.

-Bats enjoy fruit! Jumping on their heads is also a solution.
-Find the flag.
-Spikes may induce explosive headaches.

Level 2 hint: the flag is in the top left corner of the map, if you dig incorrectly you may want to press R to Reset Level.


Fruitinator.zip 16 MB
Fruitinator Source.zip 4 MB
ProgressPosts.zip 8 MB

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